May 4, 2017

Enterprise Architecture

Maybe your current applications suite, development processes,  IT staffing and operational infrastructure are working flawlessly, but if you are like the other 99% of the Business Community, there might be some room for improvement.

Legacy applications, acquisitions, business integrations, older infrastructure, dated development, staff turnover, COTS upgrades, and modern technology demands all contribute to the patchwork architecture that plagues most modern Enterprises.  If technology is becoming more of an albatross than a competitive advantage its time to do something about it.

Our Enterprise Architecture Services are designed to answer the three most important questions every CIO should ask.

  • What EXACTLY does my Technology Landscape Look like right now?
    • What’s working, what isn’t, where are the bottlenecks. Do I have the right people, software, tools and processes.  Is my infrastructure cost effective, secure and reliable?
  • Are there better, cost effective alternatives that will positively improve our business?
    • What are the risks and rewards.  What will it cost?  What are the alternatives.  Where will be see the most bang for buck?
  • How do I make these improvements most efficiently?
    • What is the optimal Road Map?  How do I measure success, minimize risk and maximize return?

In months you can have a better understanding of where you are, what you can do, what the benefits are, what it will cost and how soon you can get there.  All for MUCH less then you might expect and for CONSIDERABLY less than not doing anything.  We’ve done this successfully for dozens of enterprise class companies, major government agencies and leading edge startups.  We know how to do it for yours.

Call or Contact us today.  We can put together a phased plan focused on measureable results, most likely by the end of this week.